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Cell therapy is a groundbreaking approach to treating a variety of diseases by utilizing the regenerative capabilities of living cells. This innovative field has gained momentum, offering hope to patients with previously untreatable conditions. Central to this progress is cell therapy manufacturing, involving the preparation and production of therapeutic cells for clinical use. Cell therapy involves using living cells, often from patients or donors, to restore, repair, or replace damaged tissues, including stem cells, immune cells, and genetically modified cells. It holds promise for conditions like cancer, autoimmune diseases, and neurodegenerative disorders.

To support the development and commercialization of cell therapies, we offer a wide array of high-quality solutions throughout the cell therapy development pipeline. Starting from discovery and development and to the adoption of cells in the clinic, our solutions are designed with flexible enough to support your innovation, grow alongside therapeutic manufacturing, and scale-up when entering commercialization.

Cell Therapy Solutions
  • Discovery & Development

    Discovery & DevelopmentGeneral consideration for yourCAR cells design and development

  • Contract confirmation & project initiation

    CMC - ManufacturingSpecifically focusing on compliance, safety, and scalability requirements

  • Pilot expression & purification study

    CMC - Quality ControlHighly sensitive, convenient, time-saving quality control research tools

  • Feedback, discussion and sample delivery

    Preclinical StudiesDesigned for PK, PD, and immunogenicity sample analysis

  • Quote for bulk

    Clinical Studies To ensure the effectiveness and safety of the final product, contributing to the success of commercialization

Discovery & Development

Developing the Next Cell Therapy

Unveil the transformative world of cell-based treatments. Explore the latest innovations, practical guidelines, and regulatory insights in this comprehensive guide to cutting-edge medical solutions.

Resource Center

Explore our extensive set of antibody resources to find the right solutions for your needs and help you overcome challenges that you might meet when developing CGT.


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