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TXN2 / TRX2 Molecule  

Thioredoxin-2 Molecule Synonym Name


Thioredoxin-2 Protein Products

Cat No Species Product Description
TX2-H5141HumanHuman Thioredoxin-2 / TXN2 Protein

Thioredoxin-2 Molecule Background

Thioredoxin-2 (TXN2),a member of the thioredoxin family,is also known as mitochondrial (MTRX or Mt-Trx) and TRX2.TXN2 have two important domains: Redox-active center and Transit peptide. TXN2 has an anti-apoptotic function and plays an important role in the regulation of mitochondrial membrane potential. Also, TXN2 could be involved in the resistance to anti-tumor agents. TNX2 possesses a dithiol-reducing activity as well.