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Mogengel Matrix (GFR) (Acro Certified)

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  • Key Benefits

    1. Organoid Function Assay Validated - Strict Quality Control Assays for every produced lot.
    2. Lot-to-lot Consistency - Strict manufacturing controls and management systems.
    3. Stable, Long-term Supply - Large-scale manufacturing capacity and ACRO’s global supply chain.
    4. Cost Effective - Bulk pricing available to meet your research needs.

  • Intended Use
    Mogengel Matrix (GFR) is intended to be used in organoid/3D cell culturing and applications that require extracellular matrix scaffolding. This includes applications including maintaining cellular growth and differentiation of various cell types, including stem, endothelial, epithelial, and others. It is also intended for applications regarding a more demanding preparation of basement membrane such as tubular osteocyte signaling studies or as a base for mouse mammalian epithelial cell expression studies (basement membrane matrices can reduce the background signals triggered by external addition of growth factors).
  • Product Description
    1. Basement membranes are comprised of continuous sheets of a specialized extracellular matrix. It acts an interface between various types of cells, including muscle, neuronal, epithelial, or endothelial cells, along with adjacent stroma. Basement membranes are an essential part in the organization of tissues forming the scaffolding and support for cellular growth and cell layers. They also affect a variety of cellular mechanisms such as adhesion, migration, proliferation, and differentiation. Basement membranes are selectively degraded and regenerated during development and wound healing, forming the base scaffold for tissue reconstruction. Basement membranes also act as a major barrier to invasion by metastatic tumor cells.
    2. Mogengel Matrix (GFR) (Growth Factor Reduced) is a soluble form of basement membrane that is purified from gene-edited mouse tumor cells grown in LDEV-free mouse populations. Reconstitution into the original basement membrane form occurs at 37℃ and is mainly comprised of laminin, collagen IV, entactin, and heparin sulfate proteoglycan.
Bioactivity-Mouse Organoid Culture

Mouse intestinal organoid, liver ductal organoid, airway organoid can also grow well in greater than 70% Mogengel (Cat. No. AC-M082701).

Protein ConcentrationWithin 8 to 13 mg/mL, tested by BCA assay.
Endotoxin Level< 4.5 EU/mL, tested by LAL assay.
Organoid CultureMouse intestinal organoids, mouse liver ductal organoids and mouse airway organoids could grow well under the Mogengel matrix.
*Evaluated Mogengel Matrix: Medium Ratio = 7:3 (v/v).
AngiogenesisBlood vessel formation is observed, tested by HUVEC angiogenesis assay.
*Evaluated Mogengel Matrix: Medium Ratio = 1:0 (original formulation), 2:1, 1:1 (v/v).
SterilityNo growth observed after 14 days. Testing for the detection of bacteria, fungi, and mycoplasma through cell culture.
Viral TestingTested negative by ELISA, bacterial culture and microscope observation for a total of 19 bacterial and virus strains, and additional murine infectious agents including LDEV.
StabilityProduct is stable for at least two years from date of manufacture when stored at ≤ -20℃. See lot specific Certificate of Analysis for expiration date.
Shipping ConditionsThe product is shipped with dry ice or equivalent. Upon receipt, store it immediately at the temperature recommended on the product label.
StorageStore at -20℃. Avoid multiple freeze-thaws. Do not store in frost-free freezer. KEEP FROZEN.
Acro Certify Disclaimer
This product is one of ACROBiosystems' Certify products. ACROBiosystems and our Certify partners have established a close partnership that includes an in-depth review of quality management and quality audits this product. Products from our Certify partners have been qualified by ACROBiosystems to be included under Acro Certify. ACROBiosystems may provide Product information, including technical information, specifications, recommendations, literature, and other material (collectively, "Product Information") for customer's convenience. The accuracy and completeness of Product Information is not guaranteed and is subject to change without notice. ACROBiosystems is not responsible for the intellectual property or impact to intellectual property for products sold under Acro Certify.

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