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FITC-labeled and PE-labeled Proteins for biological drug development

Fluorescent-labeled proteins can be powerful tools for the detection of CAR expression and antibody screening through flow cytometry. However, the development of high-quality fluorescent-labeled proteins presents a major challenge and there are few products commercially available so far.

Positioned as a reliable partner to provide antigens for biological drug discovery and development, ACROBiosystems has developed an exclusive collection of FITC-labeled and PE-labeled proteins by using our in-house developed chemical labeling technique. These fluorescent-labeled proteins are uniquely suitable for flow cytometry-based assays, such as detection of anti-CD19 CAR expression and cell-based ligand binding assays.

Features and benefits

  1. Bioactivity validated by flow cytometry and protocol offered

  2. Identical binding capacity before and after conjugation

  3. High batch-to-batch consistency

Case Studies

Evaluation of CAR expression by flow cytometry

FACS Analysis of Anti-CD19 CAR Expression

293 cells were transfected with anti-CD19-scFv and RFP tag. 2e5 of the cells were stained with B. FITC-Labeled Human CD19 (20-291), Fc Tag (Cat. No. CD9-HF251, 10 μg/ml) and C. FITC-labeled protein control. A. Nin-transfected 293 cells and C. FITC-labeled protein control were used as negative control. RFP was used to evaluate CAR (anti-CD19-scFv) expression and FITC was used to evaluate the binding activity of FITC-Labeled Human CD19 (20-291), Fc Tag (Cat. No. CD9-HF251) (QC tested).

Flow cytometry-based ligand binding assay

Flow Cytometry assay shows that PE-Labeled Human PD-1, Fc Tag, His Tag (recommended for neutralizing assay) (Cat. No. PD1-HP2F2) can bind to 293T cells overexpressing human PD-L1. 1μl stock solution per million cells (QC tested).

Flow cytometry-based neutralizing antibody screening assay

FACS analysis shows that the binding of PE-Labeled Human PD-1, Fc Tag, His Tag (recommended for neutralizing assay) (Cat.No.PD1-HP2F2) to 293T overexpressing PD-L1 was inhibited by increasing concentration of neutralizing antihuman PD-L1 antibody. The IC50 is 0.29 μg/ml (QC tested).

Product list

PE Labeled Protein
MoleculeCat. No.SpeciesProduct DescriptionHostStructure
SIRP alphaSIA-HP252HumanPE-Labeled Human SIRP alpha, Fc Tag
(recommended for neutralizing assay)
PD-1PD1-HP2F2HumanPE-Labeled Human PD-1, Fc Tag, His Tag
(recommended for neutralizing assay)
MesothelinMSN-HP223HumanPE-Labeled Human Mesothelin (296-580)HEK293
FITC Labeled Protein
MoleculeCat. No.SpeciesProduct DescriptionHostStructure
MesothelinMSN-HF25xHumanFITC-Labeled Human Mesothelin (296-580), Fc TagHEK293
MSN-HF223HumanPE-Labeled Human Mesothelin (296-580)HEK293
MSN-HF253HumanFITC-Labeled Human Mesothelin (296-580), Fc TagHEK293
CD30CD0-HF2H3HumanFITC-Labeled Human CD30, His TagHEK293
SLAMF7SL7-HF2H7HumanFITC-Labeled Human SLAMF7, His TagHEK293
BCMABCA-HF2H1HumanFITC-Labeled Human BCMA, His TagHEK293
BCA-HF254HumanFITC-Labeled Human BCMA, Fc TagHEK293
Siglec-2SI2-HF2H6HumanFITC-Labeled Human Siglec-2HEK293
CD19CD9-HF251HumanFITC-Labeled Human CD19 (20-291), Fc TagHEK293
CD9-HF2H2HumanFITC-Labeled Human CD19 (20-291)HEK293
Glypican 3GP3-HF258HumanFITC-Labeled Human Glypican 3, Fc TagHEK293
GP3-HF2H1HumanFITC-Labeled Human Glypican 3, His TagHEK293
BAFFBAF-HF268HumanFITC-Labeled Human BAFF / TNFSF13B / CD257 Protein, Fc TagHEK293
Customized Request

We are actively developing the Fluorescent-labeled product line to fulfill our customer needs for biological drug discovery and development. So we are highly appreciated if you would like to share your ideas and needs in this field. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions or any customized request.

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