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Brief Information

Name:Cannabinoid CB2 receptor
Target Synonym:CX5,CNR2,CB-2,Cannabinoid Receptor 2,Cannabinoid Receptor 2 (Macrophage),CB2,Testis-Dominant CNR2 Isoform CB2,CB2A,CB2B,HCB2,Receptor, Cannabinoid, CB2
Number of Launched Drugs:2
Number of Drugs in Clinical Trials:15
Lastest Research Phase:Approved

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Cat. No. Species Product Description Structure Purity Feature
CN2-H52P5 Human Human CNR2 Full Length Protein (VLP)
ACRO Quality

Public Drug Information

Name Research Code Research Phase Company First Brand Name First Approved Country First Indication First Approved Company First Approved Date Indications Clinical Trials
Cannabidiol/Dronabinol THC-5; delta-9-THC/CBD; MPL-001; MPL-005; GW-1000; KL16-012; BOL-DP-o-04; GW-1000-02; PPP-001; MGC-ODT Approved Gw Pharmaceuticals Sativex, Qixleef Canada Muscle Spasticity; Multiple Sclerosis; Neuralgia; Cancer Pain; Chronic Pain null 2005-04-01 Arthritis, Psoriatic; Phobia, Social; Urinary Bladder, Overactive; Tic Disorders; Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy; Huntington Disease; Muscle Spasticity; Neuromyelitis Optica; Sciatica; Malnutrition; Acute Pain; Tourette Syndrome; Dementia; Neuralgia; Panic Disorder; Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic; Hepatic Insufficiency; Osteoarthritis, Knee; Back Pain; Drug Resistant Epilepsy; Hidradenitis Suppurativa; Agoraphobia; Renal Insufficiency, Chronic; Social Behavior; Low Back Pain; Cerebral Palsy; Corticobasal degeneration; Depression; Peripheral Nervous System Diseases; Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders; Pain; Anxiety; Spinal Cord Injuries; Cancer Pain; Chronic Pain; Marijuana Use; Spasm; Renal Insufficiency; Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Head and Neck; Marijuana Abuse; Depressive Disorder, Major; Migraine Disorders; Neoplasms; Arthritis, Rheumatoid; Diabetic Neuropathies; Anxiety Disorders; Kidney Diseases; Anorexia; Essential Tremor; Opioid-Related Disorders; Neck Pain; Sleep Wake Disorders; Multiple Scler Details
Cannabidiol GWP-42003-P; BOL-DP-o-05; GW-42003; BTX-1204; ZYN-002; PTL-101; CHI-902; APH-1501; AVCN-583601; GLA-015; BTX-1503; BTX-1801; BTX-1702; PBX-1308; ART-12.11; ART-1211; RAD-011; BRCX-014; RLS-103; LYT-310; RAD011; GWP-42003 Approved Gw Pharmaceuticals Plc Cannepil, Zygel, Epidiolex, Epidyolex United States Epilepsies, Myoclonic; Lennox Gastaut Syndrome null 2018-06-25 Migraine Disorders; Peripheral Nervous System Diseases; Tobacco Use Cessation; Facial Pain; Marijuana Smoking; Ovarian Neoplasms; Acne Vulgaris; Tobacco Smoking; Substance-Related Disorders; Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders; HIV Infections; Anxiety; Seizures; Tuberous Sclerosis; Schizophrenia; Marijuana Abuse; Rett Syndrome; Fatty Liver; Autism Spectrum Disorder; Child Behavior Disorders; Chronic Pain; Pain; Alcoholic Intoxication; Inflammatory Bowel Diseases; Marijuana Use; Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2; Appetitive Behavior; Brain Injuries, Traumatic; Spinal Cord Injuries; Depression; Opioid-Related Disorders; Bipolar Disorder; Dyspepsia; Psychotic Disorders; Brain Diseases; Blepharospasm; Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19); Musculoskeletal Pain; Neoplasms; Hyperalgesia; Sleep Wake Disorders; Chronic Urticaria; Graft vs Host Disease; Sturge-Weber Syndrome; Arthritis, Rheumatoid; Hoarding Disorder; Diabetic Neuropathies; Pancreatic Neoplasms; Dysmenorrhea; Glioblastoma; Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Details

Clinical Drug Information

Name Research Code Research Phase Company Indications Clinical Trials
Ajulemic acid HU-239; CPL-7075; CT-3; JBT-101; DMH-THC-11-OIC; DMH-11C; IP-751 Phase 3 Clinical Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc Cystic Fibrosis; Lupus Vulgaris; Dermatomyositis; Lupus Erythematosus, Systemic; Scleroderma, Diffuse Details
Dronabinol(AXIM Biotechnologies) Phase 3 Clinical Axim Biotech Neoplasms; Child Nutrition Disorders; Vomiting; Nausea; Cachexia; Sarcopenia; Anorexia Nervosa Details
Dronabinol(Vertanical) VER-01 Phase 3 Clinical Vertanical GmbH Back Pain; Low Back Pain Details
RG-7774 RG-7774 Phase 2 Clinical F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ag Diabetic Retinopathy Details
ART-2713 NEO-1940; ART-2713; ART27.13; AZD-1940 Phase 2 Clinical Astrazeneca Plc, Neomed Inc, Pfizer Inc Weight Loss; Pain; Anorexia; Cachexia; Low Back Pain Details
Cannabidiol/hydroxychloroquine IHL-675A; IHL-675 Phase 2 Clinical Incannex Healthcare Ltd Arthritis, Rheumatoid; Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Adult Details
Cannabidiol/Palmitoylethanolamide THX-210; SCI–210 Phase 2 Clinical Therapix Biosciences Ltd Autism Spectrum Disorder; Diabetic Neuropathies Details
Beta-Caryophyllene Phase 2 Clinical Hartford Hospital Pain Details
CNTX-6016 CNTX-6016 Phase 1 Clinical C.H. Boehringer Sohn Ag & Co. Kg Pain; Chronic Pain; Diabetic Neuropathies; Nociceptive Pain Details
ZYN-001 ZYN-001 Phase 1 Clinical Zynerba Pharmaceuticals Neuralgia; Fibromyalgia Details
EHP-101 EHP-101; VCE-004; VCE-004.8 Phase 1 Clinical Emerald, Vivacell Biotechnology Multiple Sclerosis, Relapsing-Remitting; Scleroderma, Diffuse Details
IPI 201(Isosceles Pharmaceuticals Inc ) IPI-201 Phase 1 Clinical Pain, Postoperative Details
HU-308 PPP-003 Phase 1 Clinical Panag Pharma Pain; Retinal Diseases; Uveitis; Xerophthalmia; Ocular inflammation Details
NTRX-07 MDA7; NTRX-07; MDA-7 Phase 1 Clinical The University Of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Alzheimer Disease; Neuralgia Details
MP-10X MP-10X Clinical Medipure Holdings Pain Details
C20T5 C20T5 Murdoch Childrens Research Institute Details
C12T12 C12T12 Murdoch Childrens Research Institute Details

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