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IFN-gamma Molecule Information

Name:Interferon gamma
Target Synonym:Immune interferon,Interferon gamma,IFNG,IFN-Gamma,IFG,IFI,Interferon-gamma
Number of Launched Drugs:5
Number of Drugs in Clinical Trials:9
Lastest Research Phase:Approved

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Cat. No. Species Product Description Structure Purity Feature
IFG-H4211 Human ActiveMax® Human IFN-gamma / IFNG Protein, Tag Free

IFN-gamma Part of Bioactivity data

IFG-H4211-Cell-based assay
Human FcRn Heterodimer Protein Cell_Base

The bio-activity of ActiveMax® Human IFN-gamma, Tag Free (Cat. No. IFG-H4211) was determined by dose-dependent inhibition of the proliferation of HT-29 cells. The EC50 for this effect is typically 0.41-0.74 ng/mL (Routinely tested).

ActiveMax® Human IFN-gamma, Tag FreeActiveMax® Human IFN-gamma, Tag Free (Cat. No. IFG-H4211) ELISA bioactivity

Immobilized ActiveMax® Human IFN-gamma, Tag Free (Cat. No. IFG-H4211) at 5 μg/mL (100 μL/well) can bind Human IFN-gamma R1, Fc Tag (Cat. No. IF1-H5254) with a linear range of 1-10 ng/mL (QC tested).

IFN-gamma Molecule Synonym Name

Interferon-gamma ,Interferon-¦Ã

IFN-gamma Molecule Background

Interferon-gamma (IFN-¦Ã/IFNG) is a dimerized soluble cytokine that is the only member of the type II class of interferon. This interferon was originally called macrophage-activating factor, a term now used to describe a larger family of proteins to which IFN-¦Ã belongs. IFN-gamma has been used in a wide variety of clinical indications. Interferon-gamma (IFNgamma) is a central regulator of the immune response and signals via the Janus Activated Kinase (JAK)-Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription (STAT) pathway. Interferon gamma has broader roles in activation of innate and adaptive immune responses to viruses and tumors, in part through upregulating transcription of genes involved in cell cycle regulation, apoptosis, and antigen processing/presentation. Despite this, rodent and human trophoblast cells show dampened responses to IFNG that reflect the resistance of these cells to IFNG-mediated activation of major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class II transplantation antigen expression.

IFN-gamma References

IFN-gamma Public Drug Information

Name Research Code Research Phase Company First Brand Name First Approved Country First Indication First Approved Company First Approved Date Indications Clinical Trials
Cadi-05 Cadi-05 Approved National Institute Of Allergy And Infectious Diseases Immuvac, Leprovac, Mycidac-C India Carcinoma, Non-Small-Cell Lung; Leprosy s:4:"null"; 1998-01-01 Leprosy; Carcinoma, Non-Small-Cell Lung Details
Thalidomide K-17; NSC-66847; NSC-527179 Approved Celgene Corp Thaled, Synovir, Talizer, Thalomid, Thalidomide Celgene, Thalidomide Pharmion Japan Leprosy, Lepromatous s:23:"Fujimoto Pharmaceutical"; 1982-01-01 HIV Infections; Spondylitis, Ankylosing; Myelodysplastic Syndromes; Multiple Myeloma; Erythema Nodosum; HIV Wasting Syndrome; Leprosy, Lepromatous; Carcinoma, Hepatocellular Details
Interferon biosimilar (LG Life Sciences) Approved Lg Life Sciences Ltd Leukemia s:20:"Lg Life Sciences Ltd"; 1989-01-01 Leukemia Details
Emapalumab NI-0501 Approved Novimmune Gamifant United States Lymphohistiocytosis, Hemophagocytic s:12:"Novimmune Sa"; 2018-11-20 Macrophage Activation Syndrome; Rare Diseases; Arthritis, Juvenile; Lymphohistiocytosis, Hemophagocytic Details
Recombinant interferon gamma (Shanghai Chemo Wanbang Biopharma) Approved Shanghai Chemo Wanbang Biophama Co Ltd gamma, 伽玛 Mainland China Liver Cirrhosis; Arthritis, Rheumatoid s:38:"Shanghai Chemo Wanbang Biophama Co Ltd"; 1998-01-01 Liver Cirrhosis; Arthritis, Rheumatoid Details

IFN-gamma Clinical Drug Information

Name Research Code Research Phase Company Indications Clinical Trials
Interferon gamma (aerosol, IPF/ COPD), Stony Brook University School of Medicine Phase 2 Clinical Stony Brook University School Of Medicine, Nyu Langone Medical Center, Nostrum Pulmonary Fibrosis; Pulmonary Disease, Chronic Obstructive Details
Vidofludimus 4SC-101; SC-12267 Phase 2 Clinical 4sc Ag Inflammatory Bowel Diseases; Arthritis, Rheumatoid; Colitis, Ulcerative; Crohn Disease Details
PP-001 PP-001 Phase 2 Clinical 4sc Ag Keratoconjunctivitis; Uveitis Details
PDS-0101 PDS-0101B; PDS-0101C; PDS-0101; PDS-0101A; PDS-101 Phase 2 Clinical Pds Biotechnology Corporation, Merck Serono Head and Neck Neoplasms; Papillomavirus Infections; Anal intraepithelial neoplasia; Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia; Uterine Cervical Neoplasms Details
Recombinant human interferon gamma adenovirus injection Phase 1 Clinical Guangzhou Dabo Biological Products Co Ltd Liver Neoplasms; Nasopharyngeal Neoplasms Details
OCH-NCNP1 OCH-NCNP1 Phase 2 Clinical Keio University Multiple Sclerosis; Crohn Disease Details
Tadekinig alfa (AB2 Bio) Phase 3 Clinical Ab2 Bio Macrophage Activation Syndrome; Immune System Diseases Details
LP-0058 LP-0058; LEO-32731 Phase 2 Clinical Leo Pharma Inc Drug-Related Side Effects and Adverse Reactions; Psoriasis; Dermatitis, Atopic Details

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