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Carbonic Anhydrase III

Carbonic Anhydrase III Molecule Information

Name:Carbonic anhydrase III
Target Synonym:Carbonate dehydratase III;Carbonic anhydrase 3;CA3;CA-III;Carbonic anhydrase III
Number of Launched Drugs:1
Number of Drugs in Clinical Trials:1
Lastest Research Phase:Approved

Carbonic Anhydrase III Molecule Synonym Name

CA3,Carbonic anhydrase 3

Carbonic Anhydrase III Molecule Background

Carbonic anhydrase 3 (CA3) is also known as Carbonate dehydratase III, Carbonic anhydrase III, which belongs to the alpha-carbonic anhydrase family. These carbonic anhydrases are a class of metalloenzymes that catalyze the reversible hydration of carbon dioxide and are differentially expressed in a number of cell types. The catalytic activity of carbonic anhydrase 3 is activated by proton donors such as imidazole and the dipeptide histidylhistidine and is inhibited by coumarins and sulfonamide derivatives such as acetazolamide.

Carbonic Anhydrase III References

Carbonic Anhydrase III Public Drug Information

Name Research Code Research Phase Company First Brand Name First Approved Country First Indication First Approved Company First Approved Date Indications Clinical Trials
Methazolamide VVP-808 Approved Unknown NEPTAZANE fda LEDERLE 1959-01-26 Glaucoma Details

Carbonic Anhydrase III Clinical Drug Information

Name Research Code Research Phase Company Indications Clinical Trials
Para-Toluenesulfonamide PTS-100; PTS-02; PTS-302; PTS-500; p-TSA; PTS NDA Filing Beijing Vision Drugs Development, Gongwin Biopharm, Tianjin Chase Sun Pharmaceutical, Tianjin Chase Sun Jiandakang Adenoid cystic carcinoma, Non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) Details

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