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MAG / Siglec-4a

Brief Information

Name:Myelin-associated glycoprotein
Target Synonym:MAG,Siglec-4a,GMA,Sialic Acid Binding Ig-Like Lectin 4A,Myelin-Associated Glycoprotein,SIGLEC4A,S-MAG,SPG75,Myelin Associated Glycoprotein,Sialic Acid-Binding Immunoglobulin-Like Lectin 4A
Number of Launched Drugs:0
Number of Drugs in Clinical Trials:1
Lastest Research Phase:Phase 2 Clinical

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Cat. No. Species Product Description Structure Purity Feature
MAG-H5254 Human Human MAG / Siglec-4a Protein, Fc Tag
MAG-H52H8 Human Human MAG / Siglec-4a Protein, His Tag

Synonym Name



Myelin-associated glycoprotein (MAG), a nervous system cell adhesion molecule, is an I-type lectin that binds to sialylated glycoconjugates, including gangliosides bearing characteristic structural determinants. Preferentially binds to alpha-2,3-linked sialic acid. Binds ganglioside Gt1b. Adhesion molecule that mediates interactions between myelinating cells and neurons by binding to neuronal sialic acid-containing gangliosides and to the glycoproteins RTN4R and RTN4RL2.  Protection against apoptosis is probably mediated via interaction with neuronal RTN4R and RTN4RL2.  In dorsal root ganglion neurons the inhibition is mediated primarily via binding to neuronal RTN4R or RTN4RL2 and to a lesser degree via binding to neuronal gangliosides. In cerebellar granule cells the inhibition is mediated primarily via binding to neuronal gangliosides. In sensory neurons, inhibition of neurite extension depends only partially on RTN4R, RTN4RL2 and gangliosides.

Clinical and Translational Updates

Clinical Drug Information

Name Research Code Research Phase Company Indications Clinical Trials
AXER-204 AXER-204 Phase 2 Clinical Renetx Bio Spinal Cord Injuries; Cardiovascular Diseases Details

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