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NKG2D Part of Bioactivity data

Human NKG2D, His TagHuman NKG2D, His Tag (Cat. No. NKD-H5245) ELISA bioactivity

Immobilized Human NKG2D, His Tag (Cat. No. NKD-H5245) at 2 μg/mL (100 μL/well) can bind Human MICA, Fc Tag (Cat. No. MIA-H5253) with a linear range of 0.5-2 ng/mL (QC tested).

Human NKG2D, Fc Tag (HPLC-verified) (Cat. No. ) HPLC images

The purity of Human NKG2D, Fc Tag (HPLC-verified) (Cat. No. NKD-H5265) was greater than 90% as determined by SEC-HPLC.

NKG2D Molecule Synonym Name

NKG2D,CD314,KLRK1,NK cell receptor D

NKG2D Molecule Background

NKG2D is a transmembrane protein belonging to the CD94/NKG2 family of C-type lectin-like receptors, also known as KLRK1, CD314, D12S2489E, KLR and killer cell lectin like receptor K1. NKG2D itself forms a homodimer whose ectodomains serve for ligand binding. NKG2D is a major recognition receptor for the detection and elimination of transformed and infected cells as its ligands are induced during cellular stress, either as a result of infection or genomic stress such as in cancer. In NK cells, NKG2D serves as an activating receptor, which itself is able to trigger cytotoxicity. The function of NKG2D on CD8+ T cells is to send co-stimulatory signals to activate them.

NKG2D References

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