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  1. Online Webinar - Revolutionizing Drug Discovery: Unleashing the Power of High-Throughput Screening

    1. 8AM PDT/11AM EDT, April 25, 2024
    2. Online
    3. ACROBiosystems
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  2. ACROBiosystems are delighted to be supporting the upcoming Technology Networks webinar, Revolutionizing Drug Discovery: Unleashing the Power of High-Throughput Screening


    At the forefront of scientific inquiry lies the transformative potential of high-throughput screening in advancing drug discovery. Through the ingenious integration of cutting-edge technologies and automation, industry leaders are reshaping the landscape, enhancing efficiency and scaling up processes like never before.


    In this exclusive extended webinar, immerse yourself in a world of innovation as our expert speakers unveil state-of-the-art systems and workflows designed to optimize screening assays with unparalleled throughput and reproducibility. Discover how these advancements propel drug discovery pipelines forward with unprecedented speed and precision.


    Attend this webinar to:

    • Understand the benefits of integrated high-throughput screening automation in enhancing efficiency and scalability in drug discovery processes

    • Explore the features of a high-capacity work cell designed for complex compound screens with multiple analytical readouts

    • Learn about the advantages of a complete walkaway and tipless system in reducing downtime, minimizing waste and accelerating compound screening processes



    Alice Tome-Fernandez
    Senior Application Scientist
    Tom Bentivegna
    Group Product Manager
    INTEGRA Biosciences
    Peter Hsueh, PhD
    Marketing Product Manager


    ACROBiosystems’ Talk:

    High-throughput SPR assay for FcγR binding to drug candidates on the new Carterra LSAXT



    Fc gamma receptors (FcγRs) mediate activating or inhibitory immune signals upon binding the Fc domain of IgG antibodies, making comprehensive characterization of their interactions crucial for optimizing IgG Fc-containing biologics. We present a streamlined approach utilizing High-Throughput Surface Plasmon Resonance (HT-SPR) on Carterra's LSAXT platform with ACROBiosystems' recombinant FcγR proteins to rapidly access FcγR binding profiles across species. This workflow enables efficient characterization of FcγR interactions for antibodies and Fc-engineered variants, vital for interpreting therapeutic efficacy and cross-reactivity. Notably, we demonstrate high sensitivity, reproducibility, and substantial time/resource savings in characterizing trastuzumab binding to 11 different human and Cynomolgus FcγRs compared to traditional SPR methods. Our workflow accelerates development of Fc-containing biologics by facilitating rapid and comprehensive evaluation of critical FcγR interactions that govern therapeutic efficacy.


    About Peter Hsueh

    Peter Hsueh, Ph.D., is a dynamic Marketing Product Manager at ACROBiosystems, a leader in developing and manufacturing recombinant proteins and critical reagents/assays to support therapeutic development. Leveraging his extensive technical expertise in molecular biology and biomarker research, Peter aims in shaping impactful marketing strategies that resonate within the life science community. Formerly a Field Application Scientist, Peter brings a wealth of experience in customer technical support allowing him to understand and address the unique needs of customers. Driven by a passion for both science and marketing, Peter is committed to steering ACROBiosystems towards new horizons through targeted marketing initiatives.

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