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Newly launched——Useful Tools for Nucleic Acid Contamination Removal
Release time: 2022-08-05 Source: ACROBiosystems Read: 2252

GENIUS™ Nuclease

With the rapid expansion of the biopharmaceutical industry, there has been a significant influx of biological products that have begun to improve human health. However, regulations and supervision of these biological products have also become stricter in response. In particular, the World Health Organization and several countries have highlighted their regulations on the residue limits of host nucleic acids. This means that DNA residues of vaccines and therapeutic biological products are required to be controlled below 100 pg per dose, while certain products cannot exceed 10 pg. Therefore, effective methods for the removal of nucleic acid resides is critical in successful biological products.

One of the most common nucleic acid residue removal methods during the production process is enzymatically.  Nuclease is a genetically engineered enzyme derived from Serratia Marcescen that degrades all forms of DNA and RNA (single stranded, double stranded, linear and circular) into 5-monophosphate oligonucleotides of 3-8 bases in length, that have no base-recognition specificity.

To support biologics research, ACROBiosystems has developed a premium-grade GENIUS™ Nuclease product with high enzyme activity and excellent safety profile. Those products efficiently remove residual nucleic acids, making it suitable for research and production of gene therapy, vaccine and other biological products.

The Application of GENIUS™ Nuclease

- Effectively remove nucleic acid contamination: Remove exogenous nucleic acids, reduce the risk of residual nucleic acid toxicity, and improve the overall safety of your biological product.

- Sample preparation for protein analysis: Effectively remove the influence of negatively-charged nucleic acids in protein samples when perfomring two-dimensional SDS-PAGE, while improving the separation and overall resolution.

- Prevent cells aggregation: adding nuclease in the (PBMC) thawing buffer reduces clumping of stored (PBMC), improving the cryopreservation of PBMC samples.

GENIUS™ Nuclease Conditions

Reaction ConditionOptimum ConditionEffective Condition
Mg2+1-2 mM1-10 mM
DTT0-100 mM>100 mM
Mercaptoethanol0-100 mM>100 mM
Monovalent    cation0-20 mM0-150 mM
Phosphate ion0-10 mM0-100 mM

Product Features

General: General use for removing all forms of DNA and RNA, reducing viscosity and preventing cell clumping.

Efficient: Efficient reaction, rapid degradation, reduce processing time.

Native: Native structure, tag free, guaranteed enzyme activity.

Ideal: Ideal for DNA and RNA clearance.

Ultra-pure: High purity and activity.

Specific: Highly specific nuclease with no protease activity.

Hot Product

ACROBiosystems offers Premium Grade GENIUS™ Nuclease (Cat. No: NUE-S5119) designed for the preclinical development stage, with the same activity and performance as GMP GENIUS™ Nuclease (Cat. No: GMP-NUES19), enabling seamless transition from development applications to the clinical stage. Our premium grade products provide you with a cost-effective option for the early stages of research and development.

Product list

MoleculeCat. No.Product DescriptionPreorder/Order
NucleaseNUE-S5119GENIUS™ Nuclease, premium grade


NucleaseGMP-NUES19GMP GENIUS™ Nuclease coming soon


NucleaseGMP-NUES19 GMP GENIUS™Nuclease DMF Filed


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Tips: The residual amount of nuclease in biological products is also an important indicator in measuring the quality of biological products. ACROBiosystems provides a high-quality GENIUS Nuclease ELISA Kit (Cat. No: CRS-A031).

Assay Data

GENIUS™ Nuclease, premium grade shows higher specific activity than other competitors

Specific activity for GENIUS™ Nuclease, premium grade is measured under standard assay conditions. The specific activity of GENIUS™ Nuclease, premium grade is >1.2 x 10e6 units/mg protein. One unit will digest sonicated salmon sperm DNA into acid-soluble oligonucleotides equivalent to a ΔA260 of 1.0 in 30 min at pH 8.0 at 37 ℃, which corresponds to approximately 37 μg DNA. Note that 1 KU=1000 units.

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