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Brief Information

Name:Neurogenic locus notch homolog protein 1
Target Synonym:Notch Receptor 1,EC,Translocation-associated notch protein TAN-1,NEXT,NICD,hN1,NOTCH1,Notch 1,TAN1,Notch (Drosophila) Homolog 1 (Translocation-Associated),Notch Homolog 1, Translocation-Associated (Drosophila),Notch Homolog 1, Translocation-Associated,AOVD1,AOS5,Receptor, Notch1,EC,Neurogenic locus notch homolog protein 1
Number of Launched Drugs:0
Number of Drugs in Clinical Trials:1
Lastest Research Phase:Phase 2 Clinical

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Cat. No. Species Product Description Structure Purity Feature
NO1-H52H3 Human Human NOTCH1 Protein, His Tag, premium grade
NO1-H5255 Human Human NOTCH1 Protein, Fc Tag (MALS verified)
NO1-M52H8 Mouse Mouse NOTCH1 Protein, His Tag
ACRO Quality

Part of Bioactivity data


Human Jagged 1, His Tag (Cat. No. JA1-H52H9) immobilized on CM5 Chip can bind Human NOTCH1, Fc Tag (Cat. No. NO1-H5255) with an affinity constant of 5.13 μM as determined in a SPR assay (Biacore T200) (Routinely tested).


Loaded Human NOTCH1, Fc Tag (Cat. No. NO1-H5255) on Protein A Biosensor, can bind Human DLL4, His Tag (Cat. No. DL4-H5227) with an affinity constant of 67.5 nM as determined in BLI assay (ForteBio Octet Red96e) (Routinely tested).

Synonym Name

NOTCH1,Notch 1,hN1,TAN1


NOTCH1 Interacts with DNER, DTX1, DTX2 and RBPJ/RBPSUH. Also  interacts with MAML1, MAML2 and MAML3 which act as transcriptional coactivators for NOTCH1. The NOTCH1 intracellular domain interacts with SNW1; the interaction involves multimerized NOTCH1 NICD and is implicated in a formation of an intermediate preactivation complex which associates with DNA-bound CBF-1/RBPJ. The activated membrane-bound form interacts with AAK1 which promotes NOTCH1 stabilization. Functions as a receptor for membrane-bound ligands Jagged-1 (JAG1), Jagged-2 (JAG2) and Delta-1 (DLL1) to regulate cell-fate determination. Involved in the maturation of both CD4+ and CD8+ cells in the thymus. Important for follicular differentiation and possibly cell fate selection within the follicle. During cerebellar development, functions as a receptor for neuronal DNER and is involved in the differentiation of Bergmann glia.

Clinical and Translational Updates

Clinical Drug Information

Name Research Code Research Phase Company Indications Clinical Trials
Crenigacestat JSMD-194; LY-3039478; BMS-986405 Phase 2 Clinical Eli Lilly And Company Precursor T-Cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia-Lymphoma; Neoplasm Metastasis; Leukemia, T-Cell; Leukemia, Lymphocytic, Chronic, B-Cell; Carcinoma, Hepatocellular; Lymphoma; Lymphoma, T-Cell; Leukemia, B-Cell; Breast Neoplasms; Leiomyosarcoma; Sarcoma; Cholangiocarcinoma; Multiple Myeloma; Carcinoma, Adenoid Cystic; Colonic Neoplasms; Triple Negative Breast Neoplasms; Solid tumours; Lymphoma, B-Cell Details

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