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Cat. No. Species Product Description Structure Purity Feature
SG7-H5225 Human Human Siglec-7 / CD328 Protein, His Tag

Siglec-7 Molecule Synonym Name

CDw328, D-siglec, A79 membrane protein, p75,Adhesion inhibitory receptor molecule 1, AIRM-1

Siglec-7 Molecule Background

Siglec-7 is a member of the human CD33‐related Siglec receptor. The extracellular region of Siglec‐7 is characterized by an N‐terminal V‐set Ig domain that can bind sialic acid and two C2‐set Ig domains. The cytoplasmic tail of Siglec‐7 has one immune‐receptor tyrosine‐based inhibitory motif (ITIM) and one ITIM‐like motif. Siglec-7 is considered as a sialic acid-dependent immunoreceptor with inhibitory potential and expressed predominantly on human NK cells, monocytes and a small subset of CD8+ T cells.

Siglec-7 References

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