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PLAU Molecule Information

Name:Urokinase plasminogen activator
Target Synonym:Urokinase-type plasminogen activator chain B;U-plasminogen activator;uPA;PLAU;Urokinase-type plasminogen activator short chain A;Urokinase-type plasminogen activator long chain A;Urokinase-type plasminogen activator
Number of Launched Drugs:2
Number of Drugs in Clinical Trials:8
Lastest Research Phase:Approved

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Cat. No. Species Product Description Structure Purity Feature
PLU-H5228 Human Human PLAU / uPA Protein, His Tag (activated by trypsin) (active enzyme)
PLU-H5229 Human Human PLAU / uPA Protein, His Tag

PLAU Part of Bioactivity data

Human PLAU, His TagHuman PLAU, His Tag (Cat. No. PLU-H5229) ELISA bioactivity

Immobilized Human PLAU, His Tag (Cat. No. PLU-H5229) at 5 μg/mL (100 μL/well) can bind Biotinylated Human uPAR, His,Avitag with a linear range of 0.3-2 ng/mL (QC tested).

PLAU Molecule Synonym Name


PLAU Molecule Background

Urokinase - type plasminogen activator is also known as PLAU and UPA, a serine protease with an extremely limited substrate specificity, cleaving the sequence Cys – Pro – Gly - Arg560 - Val561 – Val – Gly – Gly – Cys in plasminogen to form plasmin. uPA is a potent marker of invasion and metastasis in a variety of human cancers associated with breast, stomach, colon, bladder, ovary, brain and endometrium.uPA and its receptor (uPAR) have been implicated in a broad spectrum of pathophysiological processes, including fibrinolysis, proteolysis, inflammation, atherogenesis and plaque destabilization, all of which are involved in the pathogenesis of MI (myocardial infarction).

PLAU References

PLAU Public Drug Information

Name Research Code Research Phase Company First Brand Name First Approved Country First Indication First Approved Company First Approved Date Indications Clinical Trials
Urokinase biosimilar (Bharat Serums & Vaccines) U-FRAG Approved Bharat serums and Vaccines Pulmonary embolism Details
Nasaruplase GE-0943 Approved Mitsubishi Pharma Deep vein thrombosis (DVT), Acute myocardial infarction (AMI) Details

PLAU Clinical Drug Information

Name Research Code Research Phase Company Indications Clinical Trials
Upamostat Hydrogen Sulphate WX-671; LH-011,WX671,LH011 Phase Ⅱ Wilex, RedHill Biopharma, Link Health Group, Youcare Pharmaceutical Group Colorectal neoplasms, Breast cancer, Pancreatic cancer Details
Angstrom6 A6 Phase Ⅱ Angstrom Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) Details
tPA/HisproUK (Thrombolytic Science) TS-01 Phase Ⅱ Thrombolytic Science Stroke Details
Saruplase CG-4509,CG 4509,CG4509 BLA Filing Grunenthal, Genentech Myocardial infarction (MI) Details
Gallium-68 NOTA AE105 (Curasight) 68Ga-NOTA-AE105; CS-001 Phase Ⅱ Curasight Neuroendocrine tumors (NET), Pleural mesothelioma, Glioblastoma multiforme, Non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), Gynaecological cancer, Prostate cancer, Breast cancer, Bladder cancer, Oropharyngeal cancer, Head and neck cancer Details
WX-UK1 WX-UK1,WXUK1 Phase Ⅱ Wilex Solid tumours Details
UK-356202 UK-356202 Phase Ⅱ Pfizer Vascular disorders, Skin ulcer, Metastatic cancer Details
KK-220 KK-220 Phase Ⅱ Kowa Eye disorders Details

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