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IL-12B & IL-12A

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IL2-H4210 Human Human IL-12B&IL-12A Heterodimer Protein, His Tag&Flag Tag

hat is naturally produced by dendritic cells, macrophages and human B-lymphoblastoid cells (NC-37) in response to antigenic stimulation.IL12 is a heterodimeric cytokine, containing IL-12A (p35) and IL-12B (p40). IL-12 is involved in the differentiation of naive T cells into Th1 cells. It is known as a T cell-stimulating factor, which can stimulate the growth and function of T cells. It stimulates the production of IFN-¦Ã and TNF-¦Á from T cells and NK cells, and reduces IL-4 mediated suppression of IFN-¦Ã. IL-12 plays an important role in the activities of natural killer cells and T lymphocytes. IL-12 also has anti-angiogenic activity, which means it can block the formation of new blood vessels.

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