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TPBG Molecule Information

Name:Trophoblast glycoprotein
Target Synonym:Trophoblast glycoprotein;Wnt-activated inhibitory factor 1;5T4;WAIF1;M6P1;5T4 oncotrophoblast glycoprotein;5T4 oncofetal trophoblast glycoprotein;TPBG;5T4 oncofetal antigen
Number of Launched Drugs:0
Number of Drugs in Clinical Trials:6
Lastest Research Phase:Phase ?

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Cat. No. Species Product Description Structure Purity Feature
TPG-H52E5 Human Unconjugated Human TPBG / 5T4 Protein, His,Avitag™
TPG-H82Eb Human Biotinylated Human TPBG / 5T4 Protein, His,Avitag™

TPBG Molecule Synonym Name

TPBG,5T4, M6P1,5T4AG,WAIF1,5T4M6P1,WAIF1,5T4 oncofetal antigen,Trophoblast glycoprotein,5T4 oncofetal trophoblast glycoprotein

TPBG Molecule Background

Trophoblast glycoprotein (TPBG), also known as 5T4, is the therapeutic target of several anticancer agents currently in clinical development, largely due to its high expression in tumors and low expression in normal adult tissues.This gene encodes a leucine-rich transmembrane glycoprotein that may be involved in cell adhesion. TPBG is expressed by all types of trophoblasts as early as 9 weeks of development.

TPBG References

TPBG Clinical Drug Information

Name Research Code Research Phase Company Indications Clinical Trials
SYD-1875 SYD-1875 Phase Ⅰ Synthon Solid tumours Details
Prostate cancer vaccine, inactivated viral (University of Oxford) Phase Not Specified University of Oxford Prostate cancer Details
CME-548 (Oxford biomedica/Pfizer) CME-548 Preclinical Oxford BioMedica, Pfizer Cancer Details
GEN-1044 GEN-1044 Phase Ⅱ Genmab Solid tumours Details
OXB-301 OXB-301; SAR-109659 Phase Ⅲ Oxford BioMedica, Cardiff University, University College London, Wales Cancer Trials Unit Clear cell renal cell cancer (ccRCC) Details
PET imaging agent (ImaginAb/Oxford BioMedica) Preclinical ImaginAb, Oxford BioMedica Ovarian cancer Details
PF-06263507 PF-06263507 Phase Ⅰ Oxford BioMedica, Pfizer Solid tumours Details
Naptumomab estafenatox ABR-217620; TTS-CD3,ABR217620,TTSCD3 Phase Ⅲ Active Biotech Advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC) Details

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