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Leukocyte Surface Antigen CD47

CD47,or Integrin-associated protein (IAP), is first discovered in a study aimed  at studying integrin αvβ3. It turned out to be associated in cis with integrin αvβ3 on the cell membrane. Followup studies has established CD47 as the quintessential "marker of self" expressed in all cell types. It's a key regulator of tissue homeostasis, and is also involved in a variety of diseases ranging from atherosclerosis to cancer. CD47 protects the host cells by suppressing phagocytosis. It's well established that cancer cell-expressed CD47 interacts with the NK cell-expressed SIRP family proteins, SIRP alpha and SIRP gamma. By so doing, it protects the cancer cell from being eliminated by the innate immune response.

In addition, CD47 is also essential for TSP-1 mediated vascular NO signaling.  It regulates CD36 and VEGFR2 to inhibit angiogenesis. Long term dysregulation  of NO signaling is a hallmark for several types of cardiovascular diseases,  which makes CD47 a promissing target for atherosclerosis. Indeed, Anti-CD47 mAb  has been demonstrated to reduce the atherosclerotic burden in several in vivo  models.

CD47 proteins

Given its significant role in pathogenesis of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, there is no surprise that CD47 signaling has been heavily investigated for new targeted therapeutics. ACROBiosystems provides a unique set of CD47-relevant products, including mutilple avi tag pre-biotinylated proteins, for rapid high throughput screening. The following pairs of products can be easily adapted to ELISA, Alphalisa, and MSD platform to screen neutralizing compound.

Suggested Pairs

PairsCat. No.Product DescriptionStructurePurityFeatures
Pair 1CD7-H82F6Biotinylated Human CD47, Fc Tag, Avi TagCD7-H82F6-STC1
Pair 1SIA-H5225Human SIRP alpha (HPLC-verified)SIA-H5225-STC1
Pair 2CD7-H82E9Biotinylated Human CD47, Avi TagCD7-H82E9-STC1
Pair 2SIA-H5251Human SIRP alpha, Fc Tag (HPLC-verified)SIA-H5251-STC1
Pair 3CD7-H5227Human CD47 ProteinCD7-H5227
Pair 3CDA-H82F2Biotinylated Human SIRP alpha, Fc, Avi TagCDA-H82F2-STC1
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We also offer mouse Fc tagged CD47 and SIRP alpha in case human Fc-tag interferes with your assay design. These products are uniquely suitable to bind with humanized antibodies.

MoleculeCat. No.Product DescriptionStructurePurityFeatures
CD47CD7-H52A5Human CD47, mouse IgG2a Fc Tag, low endotoxinCD7-H52A5-STC1
SIRP alphaSIA-H52A8Human SIRP alpha, mouse IgG1 Fc Tag (HPLC-verified)SIA-H52A8-STC1

In addition, we also provide CD47 from other commonly used experimental animal species.

Cat. No.SpeciesProduct DescriptionStructurePurity
CD7-C5252CD47 Protein, Fc TagCD7-C5252-STC1
CD7-R5257CD47 Protein, Fc TagCD7-R5257-STC1
CD7-R5256CD47 Protein, Fc TagCD7-R5256-STC1
CD7-M5251CD47 Protein, Fc TagCD7-M5251-STC1
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