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Correlia's Immunoassay Platform
Release time: 2020-06-19 Source: ACROBiosystems Read: 4312

Correlia's Immunoassay Platform

Correlia's immunoassay tools reduce the time and cost for protein quantification. Their microscale technology enables measurements with broad dynamic range that are robust, automated, multiplexed, rapid, and require as little as 1 µL of starting sample when efficient protein quantitation is critical.

  1. Fast assays complete as fast as 15min

  2. Microscale: Data from as little as 1 uL of starting sample volume

  3. Automated: Simple "walk-away, sample in/data out" operation, with minimal user intervention

  4. Multiplexed:  Up to 10 targets measured per sample

  5. Broad Dynamic Range: up to 5 orders of magnitude

Within Correlia's consumable, target biomolecules are driven across a proprietary nanoporous substrate for highly efficient antigen-antibody binding.

  1. PK/PD Studies

  2. mAb / Cytokine Response

  3. Analyze Precious Samples:

They provide custom assay development and biosample testing services. Click here to know more.

Case Study

Case Study 1: Anti-PD1 Immunoassay

Correlia Data: A Correlia cartridge was functionalized with Human PD-1 (Cat No. PD1-H5221). Anti-PD1 antibodies were measured from human serum. A 16-pt standard curve (n=4) ranging from 0.06 ng/mL –> 2,200 ng/mL was generated. The lower limit of detection was 0.2 ng/mL (50× dilution). The assay completed with one hour, with average measurement CVs of 7%.
MSD Comparison Data: The same biotinylated human PD-1 (Cat No. PD1-H82E4) was immobilized to a Streptavidin Acrylamide microtiter plate. Anti-PD1 antibodies were measured from human serum. The lower limit of detection was 0.4 ng/ml (50x dilution) using a Meso Scale Discovery immunoassay platform.

Case Study 2: IL-1B Immunoassay

Using a fraction of the sample, Correlia exceeds the detection range of gold-standard ELISA tests.

Correlia's first commercial instrument will be launched in 2021. Click here to request.

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