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200x DDM CHS buffer

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  • Composition
    This 200x detergent solution contains 10%(w/v) DDM and 2% (w/v) CHS that is necessary for solubilization of membrane proteins. DDM, or n-Dodecyl β-D-Maltoside [CAS: 69227-93-6], is a maltoside based non-ionic detergent with a hydrophilic maltose head and a hydrophobic long chain alkyl tail. CHS, or Cholesteryl Hemisuccinate Tris Salt [CAS: 102601-49-0], is an ionizable anionic detergent that stabilizes large unilamellar vesicles. DDM/CHS micelles provide a more membrane-like environment for solubilization of membrane proteins, and help to keep structural integrity and activity. This 200x detergent solution is sterile-filtered and contains no other preservatives.
  • Application
    The 200x DDM/CHS solution is INDISPENSABLE to maintain solubilization and activity of membrane proteins (e.g. Full length CD20 protein, CD0-H52H3, CD0-H82E5, and CD133 protein CD3-H55H7), and should be used together with membrane proteins to dilute membrane proteins or antibodies, to prepare running buffer in SPR or BLI assay, etc. The 200x DDM/CHS solution should be diluted with assay buffer solutions to prepare 1x working solution just before experiment.
  • Storage
    Store this solution at 2-8℃, and protect from light. If precipitation occurs, filter to clarify before use. This Solution is stable after storage at 2-8℃ no more than 3 months upon receipt.

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