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ClinMax™ Human IL-8 ELISA Kit, PRO

For research use only.

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Product Details
Assay TypeSandwich-ELISA
Regulatory StatusRUO
Sensitivity<3.0 pg/mL
Standard Curve Range6.25 pg/mL-800 pg/mL
Assay Time2 hr
Suitable Sample TypeFor the quantitative determination of human IL-8 in Plasma and Serum.
Sample volume50 μL
Materials Provided
CEA004-C01Pre-coated Anti-IL-8 Antibody Microplate1 plate
CEA004-C02IL-8 Calibrator20 μg×2
CEA004-C03Biotin-Anti-IL-8 Antibody Concentrated Solution100 μL
CEA004-C04Biotin Antibody Dilution Buffer8 mL
CEA004-C05IL-8 Streptavidin-HRP Concentrated Solution0.5 mL
CEA004-C06Streptavidin-HRP Dilution Buffer15 mL
CEA004-C0720× Washing Buffer50 mL
CEA004-C08Sample Dilution Buffer15 mL×2
CEA004-C09Substrate Solution12 mL
CEA004-C10Stop Solution6 mL
  • Background
    ClinMax™ ELISA Kit is convenient ready-to-use immunoassay Kit, specifically designed to quantitate human IL-8 that is present in complex biological samples, such as human serum, plasma, and cell culture supernates.

    A comprehensive validation of the ELISA method was performed following the ICH M10 on bioanalytical method validation and the FDA’s bioanalytical method validation guidance for industry. This validation included assessments of linearity, accuracy, precision, dilution linearity, recovery, and the hook effect. For details information, please refer to the DS.

    ClinMax™ ELISA Kits are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility and comply to the ISO 13485 standard, ensuring a high level of quality and reliability.

  • Application

    Results are obtained by Log-Log Linear regression equation are used to draw the standard curve and calculate the sample concentration. The verification results indicate that this kit can be used for the quantitative determination of natural and recombinant human Interleukin 8 concentrations.

    It has been calibrated against a highly purified human IL-8 and is evaluated with standard from NIBSC/WHO. Reference Reagent Interleukin-8 (Human, rDNA derived) NIBSC code: 89/520.

    It is for research use only.

  • Storage
    The unopened kit is stable for 12 months from the date of manufacture if stored at 2°C to 8°C.

    The opened kit should be stored per components table. The shelf life is 30 days from the date of opening.

  • Assay Principles
     IL-8 Assay Principles
Typical Data Please refer to DS document for The assay protocol.

For each experiment, each ELISA plate needs to set the standard curve. The minimum detectable concentration of CEA-C004 is less than 3.0 pg/mL.

Dilution Linearity

Three human serum samples with high concentrations of IL-8 were diluted 1:2, 1:4, 1:8, 1:16, 1:32 with Dilution Buffer to produce samples with values within the dynamic range and then assayed. On average, 103.12% of IL-8 was detected from serum samples.

Intra-Assay Statistics

Ten replicates of each of five samples containing different IL-8 concentrations were tested in one assay , Intra-Assay Precision CV<10%.

Inter-Assay Statistics

Five samples containing different concentrations of IL-8 were tested in three independent assays , Inter-Assay Precision CV<15%.


Recombinant IL-8 was spiked into 5 human serum samples, and then analyzed. On average, 97.54% of IL-8 was recovered from serum samples.


Recombinant IL-8 was spiked into cell supernatant sample, and then analyzed. On average, 98.87% of IL-8 was recovered from serum samples.

Interference effect

Bilirubin (simulated jaundice) concentration should be less than 20mg/dL, hemoglobin (simulated hemolysis) concentration should not be higher than 3500mg/dL, triglyceride (simulated lipemia) concentration may not be higher than 2.0g/L, Heparin concentration should be less than 40U/mL, EDTA concentration should be less than 4mg/mL, and Sodium citrate concentration may not be higher than 40mg/mL, it does not affect the detection result.

  • Background: IL-8
    Interleukin 8, IL-8
    IL-8 is a chemotactic factor that attracts neutrophils, basophils, and T-cells during the inflammatory process. Like all chemokines, IL-8 is a small, soluble peptide (8–10 kDa).Interleukin-8 is synthesized primarily as a 99 amino acid peptide that is processed through signal sequence cleavage and N-terminal proteolysis to yield several active IL-8 isoforms , with peptides of 72 and 77 amino acids being most biologically relevant. The 72 amino acid peptide is the major form secreted by monocytes and macrophages in culture, whereas the 77 amino acid variant is the most abundant secretory product of nonimmune cells.
  • Clinical and Translational Updates

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