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HPLC-verified Proteins

The quality of recombinant proteins is essential in pharmaceutical assay development. In many situations, SDS-PAGE alone is not sufficient for quality control purposes. To address this need, ACROBiosystems has developed a collection of SEC-HPLC verified drug target proteins and biomarkers.


Fig. 1 A SEC-HPLC analysis shows that 95% of ActiveMax® Human VEGF165 (Cat. No. VE5-H4210) presents to be as active homodimers.

HPLC-verified Proteins

Fig. 2 The purity of Human PD-L1, Fc Tag (HPLC-verified) (Cat. No. PD1-H5258) was greater than 90% as determined by SEC-HPLC.


Heterocyclic Compounds as Immunomodulators

A Novel Pd-L1-Targeting Antagonistic DNA Aptamer with Antitumor Effects

In Vitro Fab Display: A Cell-free System for IgG Discovery

  • Authors:Stafford RL et al.

  • Journal:Protein Engineering, Design and Selection 2014

  • Product:Human VEGF121(Cat. No.   VE1-H4213

  • Application:SPR

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