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Fc epsilon RI alpha

Brief Information

Name:IgE Fc receptor, alpha-subunit
Target Synonym:Fc Fragment Of IgE, High Affinity I, Receptor For; Alpha Polypeptide,FCE1A,IgE Fc receptor subunit alpha,Fc-epsilon RI-alpha,FCER1A,Fc Fragment Of IgE Receptor Ia,Fc Fragment Of IgE, High Affinity I, Receptor For,Alpha Polypeptide,Fc Epsilon Receptor Ia,FcERI,Immunoglobulin E Receptor, High-Affinity, Of Mast Cells, Alpha Polypeptide,High Affinity Immunoglobulin Epsilon Receptor Alpha-Subunit,High Affinity Immunoglobulin Epsilon Receptor Subunit Alpha,Fc IgE Receptor, Alpha Polypeptide,Fc Epsilon
Number of Launched Drugs:1
Number of Drugs in Clinical Trials:0
Lastest Research Phase:Approved

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Part of Bioactivity data

 Fc epsilon RI alpha SPR

Cynomolgus Fc epsilon RI alpha, His Tag (Cat. No. FCA-C52H9) immobilized on CM5 Chip can bind Human IgE Fc, His Tag (Cat. No. IGE-H52H9) with an affinity constant of 0.226 nM as determined in a SPR assay (Biacore 8K) (QC tested).

 Fc epsilon RI alpha SPR

Human Fc epsilon RI alpha, Fc Tag (Cat. No. FCA-H5259) immobilized on CM5 Chip can bind Human IgE Fc, His Tag (Cat. No. IGE-H52H9) with an affinity constant of 0.585 nM as determined in a SPR assay (Biacore 8K) (Routinely tested).

Synonym Name



High affinity immunoglobulin epsilon receptor subunit alpha (FCER1A) is also known as Fc-epsilon RI-alpha (FcERI), IgE Fc receptor subunit alpha, FCE1A. FCER1A contains two Ig-like (immunoglobulin-like) domains. FCER1A binds to the Fc region of immunoglobulins epsilon and is a high affinity receptor. FCER1A is responsible for initiating the allergic response, which binding of allergen to receptor-bound IgE leads to cell activation and the release of mediators (such as histamine) responsible for the manifestations of allergy. The same receptor also induces the secretion of important lymphokines. FCER1A plays a central role in allergic disease, coupling allergen and mast cell to initiate the inflammatory and immediate hypersensitivity responses that are characteristic of disorders such as hay fever and asthma.

Clinical and Translational Updates

Public Drug Information

Name Research Code Research Phase Company First Brand Name First Approved Country First Indication First Approved Company First Approved Date Indications Clinical Trials
Benzylpenicilloyl Polylysine Approved Allerquest Llc Pre-pen United States Anaphylaxis; Diagnostic agents Allerquest Inc 1974-07-25 Anaphylaxis; Diagnostic agents Details

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