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Recombinant ROR1 & ROR2 Proteins

ROR family includes receptor tyrosine kinases ROR1 and ROR2. ROR1 is of particular interest to the pharmaceutical community, because its expression is only observed in embryonic and cancerous cells, but not in health adult tissues. This feature makes it an ideal drug target for several cancer types. Multiple ROR1-targeted therapies are underdevelopment, including Oncternal’s Cirmtuzumab.

ROR1 proteins

The extracellular domain of ROR1 is made of three distinct domains, an immunoglobulin-like (Ig) domain, a frizzled domain, and a kringle domain (Borcherding et al., 2014). Interestingly, antibodies targeting different domains demonstrate a marked difference in therapeutic efficacy when used to treat leukemia cell lines (Daneshmanesh et al., 2013).

ACROBiosystems provides a comprehensive panel of human ROR1 proteins, including product of each single domain, and the entire ECD of all three domains.

MoleculeDomainCat. No.Structure
ROR1Full ECDRO1-H522yRO1-H522Y

In addition to the aforementioned domain proteins, we also have two pre-biotinylated ROR1 (ECD). These proteins are generated using avitag technology. The biotin tag is precisely conjugated on the single Avitag introduced at the C-end of the protein. This site-specific labeling method has many advantages over the commonly used NHS-labeling. It not only 100% preserves the protein's natural structure, but also confers uniform labeling efficiency and bioactivity. These pre-labeled products have been used to screen for anti-ROR1 mAbs.  Moreover, we also developed mouse and rat ROR1 proteins for animal studies.

MoleculeCat. No.SpeciesStructure

ROR2 shares 58% homology with ROR1, ROR2 crossreactivity presents as a concern for anti-ROR1 reagent. ACROBiosystems carries the following human and murine ROR2 proteins for comparative analyses.

MoleculeCat. No.SpeciesStructure


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